​Tumble Classes

  1. Back It Up
    Is designed to work on back handsprings only. Must have a back walkover and running round-off perfected for this class.
  2. Semi Private
    Is maxed at 4 athletes per class. Each class is geared to certain levels.
  3. Tiny Tumble
    This class is designed for athletes ages 3-6 to learn the basics of tumbling. With the assistance of our highly trained Tiny Tumbling coaches we turn our youngest athlete's energy into learning rolls, handstands cartwheels and more. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of tumbling along with body control exercises.
  4. STUNT
    Designed for flyers to work stunt skills and technique.
  5. Conditioning 101
    Focuses on strength & cardio. Will help with power in tumbling, and strength needed in stunting.
  6. Flyer Flex
    Focuses on teaching flyers proper stretch technique to pull body positions. Class works on improving flexibility, proper hand grips & body positions